1971 arctic cat bike climber pn 2380002 parts manual 942

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1971 arctic cat bike climber pn 2380002 parts manual 942

Do Unpacking. Use of improper accessories may cause risk of injury to persons. Use this manual to order replacement parts, possible injury. DEPTH-OF-CUT GAUGE Refer to Figure 11. A spring loaded depth-of-cut gauge (E) is attached to front of rollercase. Remove blade cover. Repeat ADJUSTING ROLLERCASE LEVEL. Check (gouging at ends of board) collector hose connections 2.Collector bag leaks 2.Dust trapped under bag clamp or collector bag not sealed on flange Excessive fan noise 1.Large debris or piece of wood in. Use zapatos de seguridad con suelas antidesllzantes. Modelo No. Use gafas de seguridad que cumplan con la norma ANSI Z87.1 de los Estados Unidos. Los anteojos comunes 351.217430 tienen lentes que s61oson resistentes al impacto,NO son anteojos de seguridad. No fuerce Canal para polvo la herramienta o el accesorio ni los use para una tarea Equipo recolector de polvo de media bolsa (no se muestra) para la que no fueron diseSados. La bolsa de filtrar se une a un cubo de basura de 30 galones o una boise pidstica para basura do 30 galones x 1.3 milipuigadas para permitir el desecho sencillo y. Las cargas normales se pueden manejar puntas con conexibn a tierra (vdase la Figura 7) para eonec- sin riesgos dentro de un intervalo del 10% respecto al voltaje tar los enchufes a un tomacorriente bipolar que estd correcta- espeeificado. Consulte la Figura 12. PROFUNDIDAD DEL CORTE Consulte la Figura 14. El cepillado de grosorse refiere a reducir el tamaSo de la madera al grosor deseado al mismo tiempo que se crea una superficie nivelada, paralela al lado opueste de la tabla. Reajuste la protecci6n sobrecarga del motor contra la sobrecarga del motor. For the replacement parts accessories and.owner'.s manuals that you need do it yourself For Sears. Do not modify plug provided If it will not fit in outlet, have proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician,. WARNING: Always turn the planer off and disconnect o Hold knife gauge assembly against cutterhead so.

Blades will overheat and wear o Move to the rear and receive planed board by gently out at accelerated rate. Page Count: 24 Contact your nearest Sears Service Center (1-800-4-MY-HOME) to arrange for product repair, or return this product to place of purchase for replacement. If this product is used for commercial or rental purpos- es, this warranty will apply for 90 days from the date of purchase. This warranty applies only while this product is used in the United States. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Dept. 817WA, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 WARNING: For your own safety, read all of the rules and precautions before operating tool. CAUTION: Always follow proper operating procedures as defined in this manual even if you are familiar with use of this or similar tools. Remember that being care- less for even a fraction of a second can result in severe personal injury. Never operate power tools when tired, intoxicated or when taking medications that cause drowsiness. Make workshop child- proof. Use padlocks, master switches or remove switch keys to prevent any unintentional use of power tools.Safety is a combination of operator common sense and alertness at all times when tool is being used. WARNING: Do not attempt to operate tool until it is completely assembled according to the instructions. Check for shipping damage. If damage has occurred, a claim must be filed with carrier. Check for complete- ness. Immediately report missing parts to dealer. Additional parts which need to be fastened to the planer should be located and accounted for before assembling. Planer is shipped assembled except for the following: two table extensions, handwheel handle, chip chute, two roller gauge blocks, blade height gauge, roller assembly, two roller brackets, floor leveling feet and hardware bag. To ensure proper fit and oper- ation, remove coating.

Coating is easily removed with mild solvents, such as mineral spirits, and a soft cloth. Use caution when cleaning the cutterhead, as the blades are very sharp. Avoid getting solution on paint or any of the rubber or plastic parts. Solvents may deterio- rate these finishes. Use soap and water on paint, plas- tic or rubber components. After cleaning, cover all exposed surfaces with a light coating of oil. Paste wax is recommended for table top. WARNING: Never use highly volatile solvents. Non- flammable solvents are recommended to avoid possible fire hazard. WARNING: Do not attempt assembly if parts are missing. Use this manual to order replacement parts. PLANER INSTALLATION Before planer is assembled, a suitable location should be chosen. The planer weighs approximately 500 Ibs when completely assembled. Covers for access to motor are on both front and rear sides of stand. The planer is supplied with four lifting handles that slide into the base on the infeed and outfeed sides. The planer must be lifted by these handles only and moved to the required location. Check that all four corners are supported.The motor is designed for operation on the voltage and frequency specified. Normal loads will be handled safe- ly on voltages not more than 10% above or below spec- ified voltage. Running the unit on voltages which are not within range may cause overheating and motor burnout. Heavy loads require that voltage at motor terminals be no less than the voltage specified on nameplate. GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: Improper connection of equipment grounding conductor can result in the risk of electrical shock. Equipment should be grounded while in use to protect operator from electrical shock. Check with a qualified electrician if grounding instruc- tions are not understood or if in doubt as to whether the tool is properly grounded. This tool is equipped with an approved 3-conductor cord rated up to 250V for your protection against shock hazards.

Do not remove or alter grounding conductor in any manner. In the event of a malfunction or breakdown, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electri- cal shock. Inspect tool cords periodically, and if damaged, have repaired by an authorized service facility. Green (or green and yellow) conductor in cord is the grounding wire. If repair or replacement of the electric cord or plug is necessary, do not connect the green (or green and yellow) wire to a live terminal. WARNING: This work should be performed by a qualified electrician.MOTOR The planer is assembled with motor and wiring installed. The 230 Volt AC capacitor start motor has the following specifications: Horsepower. 3 Voltage. 230 Amperes. 16.5 Hertz. 60 Phase. Single RPM. 3450 ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Refer to Figure 2. WARNING: All electrical connections must be per- formed by a qualified electrician. Make sure unit is off and disconnected from power source while motor is mounted, connected, reconnected or anytime wiring is inspected. Planer has an approved 230 volt three-conductor line cord and a 230 volt magnetic contactor that is prewired in the factory (See Figure 2). 230 Line Voltage To Motor Figure 2 - Magnetic Contactor Wiring Schematic Install an approved plug onto the line cord. Turn key lock switch to OFF and remove key when tool is not in use. OVERLOAD PROTECTION The magnetic contactor has overload protection that helps to prevent damage to the motor. The overload protection will automatically turn off the magnetic con- tactor when an overload occurs. Set thermal overload to 22 Amps. Be sure to disconnect planer from power source when resetting overload protector. The protec- tion is reset by opening the contactor box and pressing the reset button. Figure 3 - Power Controls Includes 3 HP motor.Depth of cut is the term used to indicate how deep the blades will cut into the workpiece.

OPERATION SAFETY RULES WARNING: Operation of any power tool can result in foreign objects being thrown into eyes which can result in severe eye damage. Always wear safety goggles complying with United States ANSI Z87.1 (shown on package) before commencing power tool operation. Do not permit anyone to stand or cross in line of cutterhead's rota- tion. Follow maintenance instructions (See pages 11-14). DEPTH OF CUT Refer to Figures 4 and 20, page 20. The depth of cut is adjusted by the relative positioning of the table with respect to the blades in the cutterhead. Table can be raised or lowered using the handwheel. Do not use cleaning solutions. Do not allow any liquids (such as machine oil) to contact the body of the digital display. Simply slide off the small port cover (see Figure 5, page 8). NOTE: After replacing a battery, the digital display set- tings should be recalibrated. Moving the planer table up and down begins absolute measure- ment. The value shown is in relative mode. Moving the table up and down will now display relative measurement. Press HOLD again and it returns to normal measurements. Press and hold the SET button and each digit flashes in turn. The setting will be kept in the device's memory, even when the digital display is turned off. The device is now in tolerance measuring mode. When the up-arrow indicator is displayed, it means the measured value is beyond the upper limit. When the down-arrow indicator is displayed, the measured value is below the lower limit.It is espe- cially helpful when planing many boards to the same thickness. Do not move the table from this position. You can now plane your board with exact results. Of course, you can now toggle back and forth between relative and absolute mode (by pressing ABS button) and get both stock thickness and depth of cut readings at the same time. ADJUSTING BLADE HEIGHT Refer to Figures 6, 7 and 20, page 20. CAUTION: Planer blades are very sharp.

Use leather gloves to protect hands from injury and exercise caution when adjusting blades. WARNING: Disconnect planer from power source before adjusting planer. To produce even surface on a workpiece, the blade edges must be the same distance from axis of cutter- head. The blade height comes adjusted from the factory and should not require any adjustment.Wood fed against the grain will result in chipped and splintered edges. Sometimes grain will switch direction in the middle of a length of board. If possible, cut board before planing (See Figure 8). Release board and allow automatic feed to function properly. Do not push or pull on workpiece. CAUTION: Do not stand directly in line with front or rear of planer. NOTE: An assistant must follow the same precautions as the operator. CUTTING DEPTH Refer to Figure 9. The surface finish the planer provides will be smoother if a shallower depth of cut is used. Deep cuts require more power and cause greater wear on all machine parts. Shallow Cut Figure 9 - Cutting Depth SNIPE Snipe is a depression at either end of the board, caused by an uneven force on the cutterhead when work is entering or leaving the planer. Snipe will occur when boards are not supported properly. A slight snipe may still be noticed when the board is supported. An uneven force is created when only one feed roller is in contact with work at the beginning or end of cut. The snipe is more apparent when deeper cuts are being taken.Feed rate refers to rate at which wood is passed over blades. The power feed system uses a 2 speed gearbox for planing both hard and soft woods. NOTE: Only change feed rate while the machine is running. Shift Knob Figure 10 - Power Feed Shift Knob FEED ROLLER SPRING TENSION ADJUSTMENT Refer to Figures 12 and 20, page 20. Infeed and outfeed rollers (Key Nos. 18 and 30) feed the workpiece under the cutterhead. Spring-loaded feed rollers press against workpiece to prevent rollers from slipping.

Figure 12 - Roller Spring Tension O 25 FPM 0 FPM 16 FPM ', Figure 11 - Power Feed Rate Adjustment WARNING: Make certain that the unit is disconnected from power source before servicing blades.CAUTION: Planer blades are extremely sharp. Use leather gloves and exercise caution when replacing blades. WARNING: Disconnect planer from power source. If the blades have been chipped or damaged, they must be replaced. SHARPENING BLADES The blades can be honed individually by whetting them with fine sharpening stone. Make sure oilstone is flat and is not worn. If the blades are nicked they must be replaced or reground. Never install unbalanced blades. Always sharpen blades in sets of four. NOTE: Many shops do not have capabilities to resurface blades. ADJUSTING BELT TENSION Refer to Figures 20 and 21, pages 20 and 22. LUBRICATION Refer to Figure 19, page 18. The planer gearbox has been filled with lubricating oil at the factory. The gearbox oil should be changed each 2500 hours of operation. ANTI-KICKBACK PAWLS Refer to Figure 20, page 20. The anti-kickback pawls (Key No. 46) prevent the work- piece from kicking back against the direction of feed. TABLE ROLLER ADJUSTMENT Refer to Figures 13, 14 and 21, pages 13 and 22. The table rollers (Key No. 2) are free-spinning rollers that help reduce friction, making the planing operation smoother.Some of the maintenance adjustments require the use of a handmade adjustment block (See Figure 15). Make this block out of hard wood scrap with the dimensions shown. Raise or lower table so that blade just contacts feeler gauge when blade is at lowest position. Put gearbox in neutral and rotate cutterhead slowly to determine lowest position of blade. Outfeed roller should just con- tact adjustment block, tf outfeed roller is too high or low loosen hex nut on set screw (Figure 20, Key Nos. 24 and 25) under outfeed roller. Rotate set screw to position outfeed roller properly.

Be sure that outfeed roller is at the same height on both ends so that the roller is parallel with the table. 13 The chipbreaker breaks the chips of wood that are created by the blades during the planing operation. The chipbreaker then directs the chips around cutterhead and out of the chip chute. Chipbreaker should just contact adjustment block. If chipbreaker is too high or too low, loosen hex nut on set screw above chipbreaker. Rotate set screw to position chip- breaker properly. Secure position by tightening hex nut on set screw. Figure 17- Chipbreaker with Block Place adjustment block on other end of chipbreaker and repeat previous step. Be sure that chipbreaker is at the same height on both ends so that the chip- breaker is parallel with the table. ADJUSTING TABLE POSITION Refer to Figures 15, 18 and 21, pages 13, 14 and 22. The table is positioned parallel to the cutterhead at the factory and should need no further adjustment. If the planer is cutting one side of the workpiece deeper than the other producing a tapered cut, then the table may need to be adjusted. Slide block to one corner of roller case. Raise or lower table until block just contacts roller case. Adjustment block should just contact roller case. Loosen the two bolts holding the chain tension sprocket (See Figure 18). Determine which corner or corners, need adjustment and remove the chain from the sprocket in that corner. Rotate the sprocket by hand to adjust the table height (be sure to leave other sprockets untouched). NOTE: Be careful not to rotate each sprocket more than 1 or 2 teeth. Rotate sprocket (or sprockets) until table is parallel to roller case. Assemble chain tension sprocket carefully and tension chain properly. 14. The URL contains a typographical error. A custom filter or module, such as URLScan, restricts access to the file. Review the browser URL. Create a tracing rule to track failed requests for this HTTP status code and see which module is calling SetStatus.

For more information about creating a tracing rule for failed requests, click here. Create the file or directory and try the request again. The item may be missing original packaging and may have been used for testing or demo purposes. The item includes accessories found with the original product and may include a warranty. See the seller's listing for full details and description. And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with Craftsman Planer User Manual. To get started finding Craftsman Planer User Manual, you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. I get my most wanted eBook Many thanks If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. Tailored help and support content But, there’s so much more, including invitations to participate in exclusive contests and product sampling opportunities. You can unsubscribe at any time.You can unsubscribe at any time.Below is a model number example. Click here for more location examples. It's important to note that CRAFTSMAN develops some tools in partnership; if this includes your tool, we'll direct you to a partner's site. Get in touch or browse our FAQs. But, there’s so much more, including invitations to participate in exclusive contests and product sampling opportunities. You can unsubscribe at any time.You can unsubscribe at any time. Is it worth putting the money into this one to refurb it or is it better to just buy a new table top planer. Power tool manuals and free pdf instructions.Tagged: Sears Craftsman King. I am on a budget as most are now adays. Whichever Craftsman part you’re looking for, we’ve. Leading Independent Auctioneers of Craftsman Jointer. Find 2hp Model for sale.

LIke a router table or bench grinder, a bench jointer is a vital part of your stationary power toolcollection. UP FOR SALE IS A CRAFTSMAN (MODEL ) doing better but must sell some toys. Broad group of jointer and much more. By producing straight boards with just a single pass, a jointer can craftsman jointer planer model 113.232212 manual increase the efficiency and quality of any woodworking project. HSS Planer Knife Sets, sorted by Machine Manufacturer Carbide Planer Knife Sets, sorted craftsman jointer planer model 113.232212 manual by Machine Manufacturer Set of 3 HSS Blades for Craftsman 6'' Jointer, View and Download Craftsman owner's manual online. Qualified Craftsman Jointer Orders Ship Free. Showcasing Jointer available for purchasing right now online. NON - COMPOUND MITER SAW Serial Number Model and serial number may be found on a plate attached to your saw, at the side of the Miter Saw arm, You should record both model and serial number in CRRFTSMRN a safe place. You should record both. It is a 6 1. I have replaced the craftsman jointer planer model 113.232212 manual knives as the ones on it were in bad shape from years of abuse. In one of the largest parts warehouses in the industry, craftsman jointer planer model 113.232212 manual our stock includes everything from mower blades, fuel filters, air filters, fuel lines and primer bulbs. Tagged: Craftsman 6' Planer. You May Also Be Interested In. Buy Jointer on eBay now!Brand: Global Tooling.It is on a sturdy stand craftsman jointer planer model 113.232212 manual that has been modified with wheels and a handle. Buy for less: Craftsman Jointer. Jointer in stock. View and Download Craftsman owner's manual online. Planer pdf manual download. Check out how I build a jig to sharpen jointer (and planer) blades, then reinstall them using the foolproof Jointer Pal jig. We stock parts for a variety of Craftsman products -- small engines, lawn mowers, chainsaws, pressure washers and snow blowers.

Also for:,, Sears Planer User Manual. Shop our big selection of Craftsman Planer purchasable on-line. Now mind you I am not a cabinet maker nor do I build large furniture or anything like that. View and Download Craftsman owner's manual online. SUBSCRIBE TO. By producing straight boards with just a single pass, a jointer can increase the efficiency and quality of any woodworking project. Learn the complete results of our testing of the Craftsman, Delta X, General International L M1, Grizzly GX, Grizzly GZ, Jet JJ-6CSX, Ridgid JP, Rikon, Shop Fox W, and Sunhill SM in the March issue of WOOD magazine, or download the review. Manual Profile Jointer For Weinig 22a22b Top Spindle. I do have lots of rough cut lumber that needs a straight edge though.I see several of the older Craftsman jointers listed in auctions and sales from time to time. Find 2hp Model for sale. Atways order by Part Number - - Not by Key Number IFIGURE 3 - - TABLE ASSEMBLY Part Key IKey Part Description Description No, No. Manual Profile. Planer pdf manual download.When you lift it at the handle, it lets the wheels touch the ground, making it easier to move--and really convenient if you craftsman jointer planer model 113.232212 manual have a.Sears Craftsman King Seeley 4 38 Jointer More Details.I got a magnetic Jointer Pal, knife setting tool to put in the knives. Buy Craftsman craftsman jointer planer model 113.232212 manual Jointer from the world's best dealers. Craftsman Model 2 Hp 6 18 Contractor Series Jointer Planer. Sears Craftsman King Seeley 4 38 Jointer Craftsman 6' Planer Jointer Model More Details. Sears Craftsman King Seeley 4 38 Jointer More Details. Buy Jointer on eBay now. I've been looking around to see whats out there. Craftsman Model 2 Hp 6 18 Contractor Series Jointer Planer.LIke a router table or bench grinder, a bench jointer is a vital part of your stationary power toolcollection.Huge range of Craftsman 6 Jointer deals, buy your Craftsman 6 Jointer at wholesale prices.

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